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The Sacred Happiness was born from the father and daughter duo Nguyen-Trong, a renowned Vietnamese family.

After 45 years of medical practise and acupuncture, Dr Nguyen-Trong has seen through the years in South of France and around the world, the importance of aging well, avoiding as much as possible medication.
It is after giving birth to her children and being a mother in this fast pace era, that his daughter Khanh-Linh, has decided to emphasise her well-being heritage given by her father & so, her master. 

Together they enhance his mission of an anti-aging and natural medicine and well being lifestyle,

 starting with face yoga & breath therapy, starting in Hong Kong.

The Story

”Without a good health you cannot achieve your dreams”

This is what Dr Nguyen-Trong was always saying to her daughter while raising her.

Based on that, he was constantly looking after the health of his family, his own parents, his wife, his siblings and his 3 children, to ensure everybody could enjoy and good life and reach their goals.

Devoted to his career, he has done a lot of research mixing the Eastern and Western medicine using as less chemical in our body and using as much natural methods to age well. When each of his children turned 18, Dr Nguyen-Trong started an acupuncture training for them to be able to live their own life, as strong adult and be "armed" with his health knowledge. All of them, left the family nest with acupuncture needles in their luggage and a powerful holistic life mind set. And so the three of children have succeed their studies and their career very well and built their own families nourishing their heritage to their own children.

It is with his third child, Khanh-Linh, named after him as “ The Sacred Happiness”, with whom he has decided to pass on his cultural, researches and natural anti-aging heritage.

After his 70 years old birthday, father and daughter have decided to create The Sacred Happiness to celebrate over 45 years of research and help the people to feel better in their skin, starting first with Face Yoga and well being advisory.


Contact to book your Face Yoga Program session

Khanh-Linh 65351505

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