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About Us

What is Face Yoga?  What do we do?

At The Sacred Happiness, we specialize in Face Yoga coaching and classes,

which help people stay young and healthy naturally.

We teach a variety of techniques, including face exercises, lift massage, acupressure,

and relaxation with breathing.

With our program, you can say "Goodbye" to wrinkles and keep your skin looking radiant.

Our Face Yoga program offers numerous benefits:


Our techniques help release tension and remove toxins from the 57 muscles in your face, reducing the risk of grimaces and squints that can create wrinkles.


We increase blood circulation and oxygenation of your skin cells, stimulate collagen, tone your facial muscles, and slow down the aging process for a natural skin rejuvenation.


As you start to feel better in your own skin, you'll experience a boost in your energy levels, reinforce your mind, and increase your self-love, which helps you feel more confident in front of people and during online meetings.


The Team

Dr Nguyen-Trong_edited.jpg
Dr Nguyen-Trong,
Master in acupuncture & wellness spiritual coach
KHANH LINH_016_WEB_JPEG_800px_72ppp_sRGB_.jpg
Face Yoga coach
& Gua Sha teacher

With 45 years of experience of clinical practicing and teaching, in Western medicine and Eastern medicine.

Dr Nguyen-Trong has worked around the world to heal people by looking after their health patrimony, increase their energy with natural anti-aging method. His unique diagnostics have cured patients suffering of chronicle illness, pain and infertility. Former president of honour of the Oriental Medicine Association in France, member of the Study & Research Group of Acupuncture in France, he has published numerous articles about acupuncture in France. Today he master the breathing method but also homeopathy, micro-nutrition and continue to do research in acupuncture to treat today society mental and physical illness.

After working as a creative for over a decade, Khanh-Linh has decided to follow her family heritage and started her wellness journey with her master, her father, to raise her children and family healthier.

Growing up around the world and always travelling with acupuncture needles in her pocket, today she is specialized today into natural face beauty therapy and well-being breathing bringing to people the aging naturally mantra that the family has developed.

Certified Face Yoga Teacher

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