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Healing through Tradition

The Sacred Happiness was founded by Vietnamese father-daughter duo Dr Nguyen-Trong, renowned medical practitioner and acupuncturist, and Khanh-Linh in their pursuit to promote the importances of natural healing practices for a well-balanced lifestyle.

Together, they continue their mission in helping people discover the benefits of face yoga, meditative breathing, natural remedies

and more.


"Without good health,
the pursuit of dreams is hindered."

Those were the words
Dr Nguyen-Trong emphasised to his children.

Driven by this belief, he tirelessly prioritised the health of his extensive family to ensure they could enjoy a good life and achieve their aspirations.

Dr Nguyen-Trong conducted extensive research to blend Eastern and Western medicine, minimise the use of chemicals in the body and maximise natural remedies for healthier ageing.

Dr Nguyen-Trong continues teaching his knowledge, research and heritage in and natural anti-ageing to

Khanh-Linh, aptly named "The Sacred Happiness".


Together, both father and daughter have established The Sacred Happiness as a platform dedicated to over 45 years of medical research to help people feel better about themselves.

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Dr Nguyen-Trong

Doctor of Medicine
Master in Acupuncture
Well-being & Spirituality Mentor


Decades of experience in clinical practicing and teaching, in Western and Eastern medicine, Dr Nguyen-Trong has worked around the world to heal people by looking after their health patrimony and increasing their energy with natural anti-ageing methods. His unique diagnostics have cured patients suffering from chronicle illness, pain and infertility.


Former President of Honour of the Oriental Medicine Association in France, member of the Study & Research Group of Acupuncture in France, Dr Nguyen-Trong has published numerous articles about acupuncture in France.


While continuing his research in acupuncture to treat today's society on mental and physical illness,
Dr Nguyen-Trong also focuses on a range of healing practices including breathing methods, homeopathy and micro-nutrition.




Face Yoga & Gua Sha Instructor

Traditional Chinese Medicine

& Qi Gong Advocate

Having spent more than ten years as a creative professional, Khanh-Linh has chosen to embrace her family's ancestral legacy and embark on a wellness journey alongside her father, who serves as her mentor and teacher.


Through her father's guidance, Khanh-Linh aims to cultivate a healthier lifestyle for her children and entire family.


With her global upbringing and constant learning about acupuncture and its healing properties, Khanh-Linh has acquired expertise in natural facial beauty therapies and the rejuvenating powers of mindful breathing.


Khanh-Linh's family has developed a philosophy centred around embracing natural ageing, and she now shares this mantra with others as a certified Face Yoga Teacher.

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