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With good understanding of the science and effort in their routines, our clients see progress within weeks.

 1x Weekly Private Gua Sha Session
Results: 2 weeks


Melissa B.

"Khanh-Linh’s class is absolutely amazing! Not only did I notice a reduction of fine lines on my forehead, but I also felt more relaxed and calm after each session. Thank you Khanh-Linh for your brilliant work!"

Tini L.

"I tried at first because I was curious about these new classes. However after the first trial class, I was immediately convinced of the benefits and amazing sensation I had when I left the classroom."

Priscilla D.

"I love Khanh-Linh's face yoga classes because they are at the same time super informative and incredibly relaxing. And the results after only 2 sessions are incredible! Can't recommend her more."

Melissa D.

"Throughout the day I felt so much more relaxed and positive! Definitely promote that! Thanks I needed it."

Gloria S.

" Khanh-Linh is a natural born wellness coach. Her sessions leave me not only visibly looking better but also feeling so much better too!"
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