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Breathing: The energy of life

Updated: Jan 9, 2023

Workshop given by Dr Khanh Nguyen-Trong in Hong Kong

We live a faster life and the pace never stop, especially in Hong Kong. Dr Nguyen-Trong has hosted several workshop teaching breathing methods for you to integrate it in your routine. Because we are not enough conscious of our breath, the doctor explains you the importance of it with anatomy explanations and emotional aspects.

"I breath so I am".

You can fast a day but you can't breath for few hours.

Our breath controls our emotions

Stress, anxiety, fear, anger, all those emotions can be controlled by breathing. By practising breathing you will know how to manage your emotions and so your happiness. Being beautiful outside, starts also from the inside. Sickness, chronicle pains are also caused by stress and tensions: breath and let it go.

In our face yoga class, we always start with breathing exercice to connect your head , your body, your heart and your soul.

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